Super Mario Maker 2 Viewer Courses Stream #15

Super Mario Maker 2 Viewer Courses Stream #15

Welcome to the fifteenth Super Mario Maker 2 Stream in my Channel. I’ll set up the submissions when the Stream starts and the stream will be roughly around two hours.

The code can be submitted to the chat like this: !course XXX-XXX-XXX. You can only submit two courses per stream. If we didn’t get a new submission after the first two, you can submit a third one depending on where we are in in the queue. If someone donated in the stream through StreamLabs (there is no Super Chat available in the chat right now), I’ll play the course that is queue next after finishing up someone’s course.

The viewer course submissions will be closed when the Stream Time hits at last 30 Minutes mark and we are pretty much going on a raid after the stream ends.

I managed to return Super Mario Maker 2 in May to do some scheduling changes on Sundays after Church and got done with Spring 2022 Classes.

Want to help donate to the channel. (Your message will pop up into the Stream with a StreamLabs Speaker saying it)


My Merch Store (Your purchase will be alerted during in the Stream):
BoomBoom Prints: (I don’t know if this might be already out of business or not?)

-No harassment allowed in the chat or you get timeout or blocked in the chat.
-Respect for the streamer and other people in the chat.
-No Rated R Swearing allowed in the chat like F-Bombs for example.
-No hate speeches allowed in the chat.
-No hate head butting on topics and franchises.
-No spamming or other mischief stuff in the chat.
-Have fun.

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